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The first of its kind, SEMCast® is the only New Zealand SEM platform with published proven Industry results, clients average in top 2% globally for enquiry from Google PPC.

Purpose built SEMCast® offers New Zealand Business access to global leading full agency level artificial intelligence driven digital marketing, regardless of size or budget all clients receive full platform build.

The primary objective of the SEMCast® is to deliver high return marketing, the Ai driven management core is so effective in achieving targeted return on investment that no long term contracts are required, this allows clients to continue utilising SEMCast® based on performance not fineprint.

Total Solution Digital Ai Driven Core
Search Marketing Platform

SEMCast® was developed with a mix of strategy, technology, innovation and hands-on experience,
purpose built for New Zealand & Australian markets.

SEMCast® is the first platform of its kind to offer all New Zealand business regardless of size or budget, a total marketing solution with global leading Artificial Intelligence at its core.

The platforms core strategy was developed originally to service clients with $100,000+ Pay Per Click (PPC) annual advertising  for an international Google Premier Partner. Following the Agency launch mid-2016, the core strategy was then re-engineered, streamlined, and refined to deliver an extremely powerful, full service, agency level platform.

Achieve Search Engine Dominance

Across all business types and budget sizes globally, the accounts using SEMCast® partnered Ai technology are outcompeting those that aren’t, giving SEMCast® clients have a distinct and clear advantage over competitors.

In terms of account performance over time, at least two-thirds saw a reduction in CPC, while 59% saw an increase in clicks. Of the accounts who were optimised for conversions, an average increase of 71% was observed.

SEMCast® is the only New Zealand SEM platform with published proven Industry results, at 37% average conversion rate, clients enquiry is in top 2nd Percentile globally from Google PPC. Across all clients, enquiry (calls & emails) from Google averaged a staggering 37% versus current global average of 2.35%

Access to Full Agency Level Ai Platform Regardless of Budget.

Strategy, technology & innovation with hands on experience

Powered by an Artificial Intelligence core, SEMCast® seamlessly integrates this technology delivering clients a very powerful agency level platform.Data is key, SEMCast® call and email tracking allows access to full data logs, offering insights into what happens before, during, and after a call.

This enables clients to track the customer’s journey from the marketing initiative, through to the phone call and email, and right down to individual keyword level.

Real-time budget allocation to campaigns and keywords with highest ROI. This is all made possible by SEMCast®’s unique mix of strategy, technology, and hands-on management.

Small Business & Entry Level Digital Marketing Solutions

AdPartners core focus is to deliver high end digital packages usually reserved for larger budgets to small to medium New Zealand Businesses.

We able to achieve this as part of a group of leading digital providers, mSuite – Digital Companies sharing a combined knowledge & technology base to deliver industry leading online marketing, strategy, logistics & support for direct business clients to white label digital agency solutions.

Our product offerings encompass websites, search advertising (google,bing!) Social Set-up & Campaigns, hosting, domains & As part of a collective if you want to expand you will be in great hands with our sister Agency.

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligence (Ai) have redefined digital marketing, being able to solve more complex problems and scenarios with greater precision while using more data, faster than ever before.

The ability of AI to predict the source of a client’s next customer offers a massive advantage over competitors, namely, automated processing and evaluation of this data has turned insight into foresight.

As an example: By the time a potential customer has decided to buy a new car, fix a tap, or to either eat out or order in, Ai will have already geo targeted their location, chosen a campaign with an Ad group that contains an Ad triggered by a specific keyword that will be searched by an old model mobile phone with a limited browser at 6:47pm on a Tuesday, raised a bid to deliver a search result ready and waiting for ‘Thai takeaways near me’

Developed by AGM Digital Agency

Following years working within the digital marketing sector and being privy to the inner workings of the providers, The founders of AGM Digital Marketing Agency were granted extensive in-depth knowledge into the New Zealand and Australian digital marketing industries, gaining invaluable insights into companies and their clients.

Digital Agencies continue to deliver complex solutions with multi product add-ons lacking in both budget and deliverable transparency with little in the way of governing or regulatory bodies ensuring companies delivered clients even minimum acceptable ROI.SEMCast®, the premier platform from AGM Digital Marketing Agency, was released to the APAC market mid-2016, with this the vision was realised, delivery of a truly unique, total solution, digital search marketing platform accessible to all businesses.

SEMCast® Industry
Global Conversion Comparisons

Percentage above Google PPC Global average enquiry rate



Roof Services


Property Maint.


Tree Services




Electrical Services

SEMCast® Performance Based
Digital Marketing

The primary objective of the SEMCast® Platform is to deliver high return complete solution digital marketing, SEMCast® is so effective in achieving ROI that no long term contracts are required, this allows clients to continue utilising SEMCast® based on performance not fineprint.

The initial term is four months, this is to allow for Machine Learning & Ai Core to achieve maximum effectiveness as enquiry will exponentially increase as the platform learns.

Following the initial 4-month term client is free to adjust SEMCast® spend up, down, pause or cease at clients sole discretion, with 30 days notice.

Starting at $1,697+gst per month

No additional charges, one fee covering all Components

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