Celebrating First 200 Business Customers, Introducing

We would love to show you first hand how we
have achieved digital marketing success for our
customers & to make easy…

Celebrating First 200 Business Customers

Introducing SEMCast.lite

We would love to show you first hand how we
have achieved digital marketing success for our
customers & to make easy…

Try SEMCast.lite® & Receive 2 Months Free Google Budget*

*six month term, minimum google budget $447+gst per month (RRP $897+gst p/m)

AdPartners™ Delivers SEMCast.lite Powered by Artificial Intelligence

AdPartners™ is excited deliver SEMCast.lite now available for the first time to the Australisian market.

This lightweight version of the hugely sucessful, multi award winning SEMCast® platform. Driven by the same powerful Artificial Intelligence core, SEMCast.lite delivers without the minimum agency budgets requirements, enabling any size business to access this global leading marketing platform.

Free Website offer includes full custom template site build, 12 months hosting and domain management valued at $2,500. Adwords billing is six months in advance invoiced upon acceptance.

Full Website Build

Developed, tested, and refined over 7 years, websites are a core component to the semcast.lite® platform. Websites are beautifully designed, easy to navigate, and geared for conversion.

Google, Bing, Yahoo PPC

semcast.lite® clients receive a minimum of 2 targeted campaigns focusing on different services, locations etc, built with handpicked exact match keywords delivering targeted traffic.

Full Agency Level Reporting

semcast.lite® delivers all clients full in-depth, real-time custom reporting usually reserved for high spend agency level clients

Advanced Call & Email Tracking

With a unique client login portal, SEMCast® allows real-time access to tracking and reporting, in addition, all automated reports include full data logs with the ability to download call recordings from report.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) have redefined marketing and advertising, being able to solve more complex problems and scenarios with greater precision while using more data, faster than ever before.

SEMCast.lite Offer
Website & Hosting Terms

SEMCast.lite offer Minimum Term Initial term is six months, Cancellation of service is accepted after six months with 30 days notice via email or post, any invoicing due or becoming due within 30 days from notice date is payable at clients current agreed budget & is becomes payable in full at date of notice.

Website Set-up Fee Payment for website set-up in due within 7 days of purchase agreement, site build will not commence until receipt of payment.

Hosting Includes Domain & Secure hosting  (NZ Dedicated Servers) with SSL certificate, website maintenance, updates including plugin licensing to improve site performance.

Hosting Fees First 12 months is FREE, after 12 months billing is monthly or quarterly in advance invoiced 1st of each month due 15th of each month.

Website Full Responsive Build

*from completion of business profile & first payment

*Site Templates remain intellectual property of AdPartners as such cannot  be used with external hosting and are non transferable.

Roofing Residential

Avg. Position Google 1.02

Avg. Conversion Rate 41.23%

Electrician Domestic

Avg. Position Google 1.0

Avg. Conversion Rate 61.11%

Plumbing & Gas Fitting

Avg. Position Google 1.07

Avg. Conversion Rate 81.11%

Accountant – CPA

Avg. Position Google 1.06

Avg. Conversion Rate 65.41%

Freight – Commercial

Avg. Position Google 2.75

Avg. Conversion Rate 53.85%


Avg. Position Google 1.95

Avg. Conversion Rate 33.33%

Tree Services – Arborist

Avg. Position Google 1.13

Avg. Conversion Rate 60.0%

Employment Law

Avg. Position Google 1.24

Avg. Conversion Rate 39.07%

Automotive – Repairs

Avg. Position Google 1.67

Avg. Conversion Rate 86.82%

Signs & Signwriting

Avg. Position Google 1.09

Avg. Conversion Rate 40.20%


Avg. Position Google 3.81

Avg. Conversion Rate 37.41%


Avg. Position Google 1.03

Avg. Conversion Rate 42.41%

Personal Loans (applications)

Avg. Position Google 2.67

Avg. Conversion Rate 88.25%

Building & Renovations

Avg. Position Google 4.22

Avg. Conversion Rate 33.01%

Concrete Services

Avg. Position Google 1.76

Avg. Conversion Rate 29.73%


Avg. Position Google 2.41

Avg. Conversion Rate 17.46%

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